I forgot to post this right before Otakon as I had finished it right before the con. You can purchase it on Storenvy!


I watched this episode with my sister. The season finale, the one whetre he throws the purple vile into the well.

All I remember is that everything happened WAY too fucking quickly. They could have spread all that over two episodes, maybe three if they did it right.

The entire time, all I could think was “What?”

Granted, I didn’t see most of the rest of the show, but with the few episodes, I got plenty. But still, because of that, I wasn’t so wrapped up in the emotion that I couldn’t see the show’s flaws.

But what the fuck am I doing giving my opinion on a show and it season finale on an amazing piece?

I have no fucking clue. Please forgive me, I’ve just watched over three hours of Nostalgia Critic.