GT: You know strider your pantaloons are absolutely preposterous.

TT: You’re not exactly one to talk, English.

This took all fucking night. And in paint, too.

*hugs curve tool*

I love the curve tool so much.

It’s my frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeend

I’ve been fed too much Strider lately.

I think I like the whole Strider family a bit too much.

Remaking this post for those of you who actually sleep at night. Okay.

This is what my family does in it’s free time.

So these are my two sisters, doing genderstuck cosplay of Jake and Dirk. Helen was Jake and Kristi was Dirk.

Helen’s costume was stuff she found around the house: a white tanktop, a random pair of shorts, and our Dad’s shirt and shoes.

Kristi bought some of her things specially, but we didn’t have to look too hard. The hat we got at a market, the shirt was Helen’s, the pants we got at a thrift store and the shoes she got since she needed new ones anyway. And she got the boken (fake/training sword) in New York.

I was the poser and photographer.

This was taken in our living room with Kristi’s iPod. We’ll get better versions tomorrow when it’s light out. And yes, Helen (Jake) has blonde-ish hair and Kristi (Dirk) has black hair, but we’re working on that. Helen’s willing to dye her hair black temporarily, like she did on Halloween, and Kristi’s working on getting a wig.

Other important information: Kristi is the most hardcore Jake/Dirk shipper I know, and Helen just recently got off her GamTav high to like it as well. But she’s still working on it.



Homestuck theory

Okay, so before I give up on tumblr for tonight, I just wanted to share something with you guys that I’ve been thinking about since we found out about Calliope.

So you know how every session needs at least two players, right? As Calliope put it, one as the Hero of Space, and the other Time.

But get this.

The Alpha Kids’ session doesn’t have a Hero of Spce, NOR Time.

Jake is the Page of HOPE.

Jane is the Maid of LIFE.

Dirk is the Prince of HEART. 

Roxy is the Rouge of VOID.

No Space.

No Time.

So what if

Calliope and her brother


It’s far-fetched, I know, but it’s possible. I mean, it’s happened before with the trolls. (What was supposed to be two separate sessions actually being one) Nobody’s programmed their sprites yet, so we can’t tell how their sessions effect each other, if they do at all. And Colliope and uu are both on Earth, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, time shennannigans shouldn’t really matter at this point, with Dirk and Roxy being 3,000 years ahead of Jake and Jane.

I know there’s glaring problems, like “If they really are part of the kid’s session, why haven’t we seen them of Prospit and Derse?” and “What about their towers? Why haven’t we seen them?

Well, idk about that. But still.

What if?


No update tonight, with all the bad feelings around I just don’t feel it.

Jake’s will be up tomorrow, I promise. 

Psssshhhhhh, I already know who’s gonna have what numbers. XD

Based on the fact that Space Coyote ships Dave/John and Dirk/Jake, and that SCP-2414 freaked the fuck out about Dirk’s termination session, I’m guessing that SCP-2414 is Jake.

And based off the fact that it said that Dirk’s genes and SCP-2416’s were close (but not close enough to be called siblings) I’m guessing that SCP-2416 is Roxy.

And by order of elimination, if it does work out like this, SCP-2415 is Jane.


Wait, I mean…


I made a comic!! :D


This is my first successful attempt at “chibi” and comicing, so I’m pretty satisfied with it. :3

The text is from this page of Hometsuck:

Also on DA: (I promise it looks better there)