My art audition to Broadwaystuck just got a reply

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t wanna look, I don’t wanna look, I don’t wanna look…!!!!!!

*deep breaths*


Okay, so this is what I sent in for broadwaystuck art auditions (since my mic isn’t nearly good enough for good voice acting). Oh my God, I fucked it up, didn’t I? I should have taken my time and inked it…Fuck, I should have known simply darkening the lines wouldn’t be good enough. AUGH, I’m such and IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, why would they take me? I don’t have a tablet, my inking is mediocre, my backgrounds are terrible, and I can’t find any good references for the 1920’s. Plus, I got the blood color of the last “Sultry troll” wrong. She’s not a maroonblood, she’s a bronzeblood!! And the “shading” I did hardly showed up. God fucking dammit.

Anyway, this is supposed to be showing three different styles of shading.

Ugh… yet for some reason, I still have my fingers crossed.

Just finished Dragonheart

That movie was FUCKING AWESOME

I suggest anyone who likes fantasy (and especially dragions) to go watch it. It’s old, but the graphics and acting is AMAZING. You just gotta get past the “12 years later.” Up until then (which is only a few minutes, don’t worry) is kinds…ugh.

And guess what.


Now that I’ve said that, now I have to go memorize Roxy’s lines for BroadwayStuck auditions…

I was really gun-ho about the BroadwayStuck auditions

But I doubt I’ll get in.


and 2) My microphone is too fuzzy for the high-quality things they would want. I’m working on getting it at it’s clearest, but so far, it’s not working. It;s perfectly fine for what I got it for, but not for this… *sigh* I’ll try for one of the artist submissions, but I doubt I’ll be good enough for that, either…

And besides, my throat is getting sore from continuously singing for my mic testing.

Broadwaystuck: To those who keep asking about casting:


If you visit a blog of a cast member, and it is locked, then that means it is password protected for a reason.

We have/had an entire cast of kids and trolls, plus Casey and a few ancestors.

We are not accepting auditions.

We are on an indefinite hiatus.

Please do not bother any unlocked…

So they ARE asking about casting!! God dammit!!! In one of Zanney’s letters, xe said they WOULDN’T be re-casting!! Doesn’t anyone pay attention to that kind of stuff???

Ugh, I’m sorry, I just get really mad when this kind of thing happens, even if it happens to someone else.

Zanney Pulled a Luke!!

Okay, I know I’m posting too many thing having to do with all this Broadwaystuck madness, but I DON’T CARE!!!!!

Okay, well, looking at all of Zanney”s (B-Karkat’s) apology letters, it looks like xe (yes, for those of you that don’t know, xe) was an all-around douche, then flipped it over completely. Like xe used the last meager morsel of frustration to flip the table that is xir attitude. So in other words, this is Tales of the Abyss’s Luke all over again. Though not quite on a grand a scale, I guess.

And God, I wish I could write apology letters like that. All I can do is blather on and on about how sorry I am, unable to say WHY I’m sorry, and…okay, I’ll shut up now….

My Broadwaystuck Feelings

Okay, so in my posts regarding the scratching of Broadwaystuck, I haven’t really been properly conveying exactly how I feel on the subject. I’ve just been sounding like I’ve been griping about how stupid it all is.


I truly feel sorry for all those who’s feelings were hurt and all that jazz- crap, I really shouldn’t use that saying… But anyway, yeah. Just because all this is happening over an AU of a fictional webcomic, doesn’t mean I think they should suck it up and get their shit together. No. That’d just be terrible. I’m just shocked that all this happened so suddenly with virtually no warning to those uninformed, like me. That’s all. I truly hope that those who’s crap was screwed up because of this get to feeling better. Especially seeing that in B-Karkat’s and askkawaiilejion’s latest song, the newest thing since all this happened, they both sounded kind of… out of it? No, that’s not the right phrase…. I guess they sounded kind of like they were still recovering from all that. Seriously, with what I heard/read it was pretty damn serious, and I didn’t really expect anything new so soon.

But yeah, just in case it wasn’t clear, which it probably wasn’t, that’s how I feel about the matter. I’m not bitter because so many people left, and I don’t think they should simply get over it. (I don’t know if that’s how I came across, but when I read over my posts, I saw how easily it could have been interpreted like that) Hope you guys get to feeling better!!!

Broadwaystuck: The Resigned

Remember my post titled “Serious Shit…” listing those who quit Broadwaystuck? Well, it looks like the list just got longer. Here’s the list:













So yeah. Shit load of people.

Here’s the original post:

Serious shit…

I will be saying things in order of when they happened, not in order of importance. And I will not be using any gifs as this is SERIOUS. I’m not gonna be a jerk and use some dramatic gif.

1) Broadwaystuck has officially blown up in people’s faces. A bunch of the cast has  up and resigned. In order: B-Vriska, B-Rufio, B-Signless, B-Roxy, B-John, and B-Psiioniic. I don’t know if anyone else resigned, but those are all the people who’s resignations are on the main blog. Some of them say they’ve been thinking about it for a while and should have done it a while ago, but things seem to have been kick-started by B-Vriska’s leaving. I don’t understand the details, but it looks like things are unorganized, nothings getting done, some of the cast members are being dip-shits, and all around drama, including a certain Skype chat. All in all, some people are thinking that this is the end of Broadwaystuck and everything has blown up in everyone’s faces. Including mine. For details, go to the main blog and read for yourself.

Oh, God, I hope people don’t start asking about casting and if spots are opened. They’ve been getting enough annoying shit about casting without all this going on at the same time. That’d just be a dick move, adding insult to injury.

EDIT: Okay, since the Broadwaystuck main blog has been “scratched,” forget what I just said about going there to read about the details.

2) Some personal, real life shit. My step-sister’s friend’s dad is in the hospital with 6 months to live. His cancer’s spread to his brain, he now has dementia, and the ulcer in his leg opened up, so he almost bled to death. Yeah. I really have nothing to say about this, but this really hit all of us hard, especially my step-sister. I can’t imagine how her friend and his family must be feeling.

So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say…. Thanks for listening…or reading…or whatever…

Yeah. Bye.

Okay, this is my latest sketch. (also on my DevArt: Go there for more comments on the pic) It’s of the AMAZING Broadway Signless.

I don’t know how many pics of him are on tumblr, but when I searched it on DA, there were a scarce two pics of him. So I drew this!! Yay!!! :D It’s “unfinished,” but I don’t have the proper means of finishing it just yet.

Oh Gog, I hope he sees this…and if he does, I hope he likes it!!! >x<

Edit: And you know what’s awesome? Two days after posting this here, Broadway Signless answered a suggestion for a Phantom of the Opera song, saying he might do one. XD I’m Psychic!!!!!!

EDIT: *sigh* Because Broadway Signless has officially resigned from Broadwaystuck, this is now of Off-Broadway Signless, but my fanart still stands!!! ActorsAllusion is amazing as Signless, Broadway or Off. Hell, he’s amazing in general.