Okay, so this is what I sent in for broadwaystuck art auditions (since my mic isn’t nearly good enough for good voice acting). Oh my God, I fucked it up, didn’t I? I should have taken my time and inked it…Fuck, I should have known simply darkening the lines wouldn’t be good enough. AUGH, I’m such and IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, why would they take me? I don’t have a tablet, my inking is mediocre, my backgrounds are terrible, and I can’t find any good references for the 1920’s. Plus, I got the blood color of the last “Sultry troll” wrong. She’s not a maroonblood, she’s a bronzeblood!! And the “shading” I did hardly showed up. God fucking dammit.

Anyway, this is supposed to be showing three different styles of shading.

Ugh… yet for some reason, I still have my fingers crossed.

I was really gun-ho about the BroadwayStuck auditions

But I doubt I’ll get in.


and 2) My microphone is too fuzzy for the high-quality things they would want. I’m working on getting it at it’s clearest, but so far, it’s not working. It;s perfectly fine for what I got it for, but not for this… *sigh* I’ll try for one of the artist submissions, but I doubt I’ll be good enough for that, either…

And besides, my throat is getting sore from continuously singing for my mic testing.