I honestly don’t understand when people say they just “hate kids.”

"They’re disgusting, they scream, they are the bane of humanity, I never wanna have them ever"

Like GASP that came from a woman’s UTERUS?? WITH BLOOD AND EVERYTHING?? Eww no keep that thing away from me, I think I’m gonna barf.

GASP a living being doesn’t know how to express it’s distaste for something with no knowledge of most of the words in any language or any way to structure those unknown words other than to go on instinct to get that parent’s attention that NO, they DO NOT LIKE THAT BEING SHOVED IN THEIR FACES or NO THAT REALLY REALLY HURTS!!! Ugh, just shut it the fuck up man, take it outside and give it a lillipop or something, it’s ruing my steak.

GASP it wants more juice???? No, you greedy, glutenous asshole, you’ve already had 3 cups, GOD, I cannot keep taking you to the bathroom, I have friends to text.

What did you expect, a few days of breastfeeding, then the baby hops up with a top hat and cane? “I thank you sincerely for bringing me into this world, mother and father. From now on I will be living in an apartment of my own and will raise myself. I imagine you never want to see my disgusting face again. I completely understand and will not seek you out for any advice or comfort and connection that is literally essential to my survival. Ta-ta forever!”

I just finished the first chapter of my Homestuck fic

It’s gonna be called “The Pirate and the Mermaid.”

It’s gonna be based off My Little Mermaid, but it’s gonna be about a lot more about the mermaid and her love interest. It’s gonna be about the kingdom in general, with a place for all the trolls, and the kids maybe, if I can fit them in.

But I hope you like it!! :D

(Gonna make it using this http://writer.bighugelabs.com/ because it is beyond epic. XD)


No, I don’t agree with what you’re doing. But your choices are your own, and all I can do is be there for you as you face the consequences.

Hopefully, me in the future as a mom