Okay so I gots a question

So made this AU (okay, I’m not the first person to think of the KIND of AU, but these are my original ideas and designs and such) where the Lusii are trolls.

But, not like they have been since forever, like they were regular lusii, then they died, and then the mod (me, obviously) comes and acts all fairy god mother and POOFS them into trolls.

I have a few things made of them already:



Aaaaand a comic thingy


I made these for the AskAUstuck intropost, which hasn’t been completed yet, so they’re supposed to be vague and such.

My question is: Should I make a separate ask blog for these guys? Would any of you be even interested in seeing this? Do any of you think it would be interesting for other people?


All the Lusii’s busts are done!

Their profiles are different, their eyes are different…

Hell, I gave them all different teeth.

And they’re all quite awesome, if I do say so myself.

How do I do Tinkerbull???????

I have drawn troll versions of all the lusii

but Tinkerbull.


I’m trying to draw the troll versions of the Lusii

I think of I’m finally getting the hang of this mysterious thing called “variety.”

Hey, guys?

What would you call baby lusii?

Like, just bably lisii?

Or wiggler lusii?

I wanna know!!!!