For my first time working with proper clay, I’m quite satisfied.

This is based off the Greek myth of Pygamalion and Galatea.

Pygamalion (man kneeling) is a Greek bachelor that doesn’t think any mortal woman worthy of his love. In his spare time, he sculpts, and one day, he makes an ivory statue of a woman (Galatea, one standing in the middle) so beautiful, he falls in love with it. He gives her clothing, jewelry, the works. But no matter how much he dolls her up, she is still just a statue. So he prays to Aphrodite (floating lady) for his love to come to life. Pleased that another bachelor has given in to love, she does so (the scene depicted here). They have a child together and live happily ever after.

I especially like Aphrodite, especially since I finally managed to get her cloth to stay together. However, Galatea is WAY too big for the other two and it turned out a bit differently than I originally imagined it to be like. And you can only really look at it from directly above it or it looks like Pygamalion’s arm is sticking out of his eye socket. But even then, the lover people aren’t even looking at each other so…

This is before it dries and gets put in the kiln, because I know there are enough air pockets to blow that thing to smithereens.


I really like this one. Probably gonna redo the coloring when I get better at it, though.

Shoosh, shoosh, calm down.

There you go. You’re okay, you didn’t do anything.

Everything’s okay.

Yaaaaay fantrolls~

Spent all day doodling the cutest little BUTTS on the planet.

She’s being eaten.

You know, I never really draw Terezi. I should more often, it’s fun.

Suggested by anon~

Also, my tablet is acting wonky, so I hope you don’t mind the photograph.


VIRGIN MOTHER GRUB: …and thus, your personality is somehow reflected by theirs.





i want to put spiders on their laps and see what happens

why are people on this site so mean??????? this is actually really cool. that’s a braid with three different hair colors, from what looks like three different ethnicities, and those girls are all friends. this is a beautiful display of friendship. what is wrong with you

i want to put spiders on their laps and see what happens


Posting sketches because I’m proud of them

Hello? Hello? Night Vale? What is this studio? What is this… damnable studio? Night Vale? I do not know if you can here me…. This is Cecil and I do not know where I am. It is clearly a radio… studio, but the walls are covered in blood… and instead of dials and buttons on the soundboard, there is just… animal viscera, glistening under the green LED lights. I hope this microphone works… Am I in Hell…? Dana…? Dana, can you hear me…?

Listeners, if you can hear the sound of my voice, contact the Sheriff’s Secret Police-

There is so much blood, it is seeping into my shoes-! There are- Oh, masters of us all, no…!- teeth… scattered across the floor! The window to the control booth is shattered, and there is a swath of skin and a fistful of long, clumping hair hanging from a sharp glass point!

I do not know if this is even Night Vale…

Welcome to Desert Bluffs.

I fucking hate hands

starring xenri, guest starring hyperactivefoalon

this makes sense to no one. I just felt like making something with my new favorite drawing program.