Hey, all you photoshop people

How do I get a certain color to go transparent?

It’s straight black and white, no colors, no grey, just black lines on stark white.

So, how do I make the white go transparent? I’ve tried using the “Indexed color” mode, and I can’t figure it out. (I should be able to select a color…? I guess…?)

I’ve also tried the whole “Rectangular marquee, copy and paste” thing, but I can’t figure that one out, either. (My photoshop won’t open more than one window…?)

I’ve also explored “replace color,” but it won’t let me use transparency  as a result color.

All I want is to make all the white in my picture to go transparent. I don’t care if I have to select every little white section individually with the magic wand and handle them separably, I’ve done that before. BUT HOW DO I MAKE IT TRANSPARENT???????????????