I tried looking at pictures of goats to get inspiration for Goat-Dad’s hairstyle.

Newsflash: IT DID NOTHING.

I just realized something

You know how all the Pre-scratch trolls are in the dream bubbles and can see everything in their reset universe?

Just think of how the Pre-scratch Signless must feel while he watches it.

Karkat led his friends to victory, finishing the game with no problem, other than the last boss being able to use the Vast Glub.

He couldn’t do that. He failed everyone, ultimately being responsible for EVERYONE’S deaths.

On the other hand, the Post-scratch Signless was a brave and heroic leader, in the end dying a martyr. Even if he lost, he had the support of hundreds who almost pulled off two entire rebellions against a cruel tyranny.

He wasn’t that either. Sure, it was him Post-scratch, but the Pre-scratch self is still there, living in with his failure, now two fold.

Now, this is all assuming that 1) he was the one who led the Pre-scratch team, 2) he actually cares that he failed and had to reset the game, and 3) he saw what Karkat and the Post-scratch Signless became and gave a shit about it. If he didn’t, then this is invalid. But if he did…

Think of how TERRIBLE he must feel.

Now, not to downgrade Karkat’s self loathing, but let’s list it off, shall we?

He had to live with the destruction of his world, only to end up failing miserably.

He is directly responsible for everyone’s deaths.

He gets to watch the new Sgrub leader finish the game with flying colors and keep what’s left of his group together, even calming the rage of a psychotic Subjuglator with nothing more than a shooshpap, and his reincarnation become a hero, spurring two rebellions and gaining a fucton of followers and support.


I just finished the first chapter of my Homestuck fic

It’s gonna be called “The Pirate and the Mermaid.”

It’s gonna be based off My Little Mermaid, but it’s gonna be about a lot more about the mermaid and her love interest. It’s gonna be about the kingdom in general, with a place for all the trolls, and the kids maybe, if I can fit them in.

But I hope you like it!! :D

(Gonna make it using this http://writer.bighugelabs.com/ because it is beyond epic. XD)

Guys, I just had an epiphany

Aranea and Meenah are basically the pre-scratch trolls, right?

And they’re in the dream-bubbles.

Meaning the other pre-scratch trolls are there, too, if they’re dead.

And the meteor is going through the dream-bubbbles.

That means Karkat can meet Signless.

And Gamzee the Grand Highblood.

And Sollux Psiionic.

And since they’re dead, too, then…

Nepeta and Disciple.

And Equius Darkleer.

And Tavros Summoner.



Sure they won’t be the Ancestors we’ve come to know. But guys.